2 Amazing Tech Videos

I have found that showing short, captivating video clips about technology engages students  because they love to hear about new advancements in technology. Everyday I search the web for new exciting developments on the horizon and show them to my students. I gauge the effectiveness of the video by the students reaction. I only keep the videos that elicit positive reactions and self-directed discussions from students.

A Day Made of Glass

Summary Points

  • Any glass surface becomes your monitor.
  • Sorting Photos, using GPS, Drawing etc. on any surface.
  • See 360 degree pictures of yourself in clothing before you buy the clothing.

Future of Screen Technology

Summary Points

  • Stretch the screen of an iPhone size device to the size of an iPad.
  • See-through monitors that can be flipped with the movement of one finger.
  • Any flat surface becomes a monitor including a bathroom mirror.
  • Connect 2 phones, slide images from one phone to another.


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