Weebly.com Easy Website Builder


“It’s surprisingly easy to create a unique website” (weebly.com)

I have explored many fantastic sites for website development including Wix.com, Webs.com and GoDaddy.com.  They each have their own unique advantage (which I may discuss in future blogs).  However, during my classroom experiments, I have found that Weebly is the easiest program.  If you are looking for something that students will be able to master quickly to create beautiful websites, then you should check out weekly.com.  I have been using it for three years with my information technology and business classes but Just about any course of instruction could utilize this website.

Weebly for teacher websites

This spring, at a staff meeting, teachers at my school were encouraged to begin building websites for their classes.  In the computer lab following the meeting, I taught my staff how to use Weebly because it is so user-friendly. Even the non-techy teachers were able to begin creating sites using this free program.