Doritos Crash the SuperBowl (Marketing Lesson)

crash the superbowl

  • For eight years, Doritos fans have created amazing advertisements to “Crash the Super Bowl”
  • This year (2015) – One fan will see their ad aired during the Super Bowl, receive $1 million dollars and get a job with Universal Pictures to help bring major motion pictures to life.
  • This is an amazing marketing strategy for many reasons.  Here are a few…
  • #1.  It gets people talking about and engaged in the product
  • #2.  It draws people to the Doritos Website to watch the videos
  • #3.  Customer reviews are usually more effective than the company saying it themselves
  • Show your students some of the Finalist videos and the How it Works video
  • Ask your students, why do they think this is such an effective marketing strategy for Doritos?

LInk to Finalists videos page

Link to How it Works video