Crowdfunding and Kickstarter


  • Crowdfunding is the process of asking huge groups of people to pool their cash and finance the creation of a project
  • is a funding platform for creative projects
  • Filmmakers, musicians, artists and designers spend weeks building their project pages and shooting their videos
  • In many cases the products have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • When they’re ready, creators launch their projects and share it with their community

Example of a product on Kickstarter – Romo

Romo is the “smartphone robot for everyone”

Romo has crowdfunded on Kickstarter two times.  It initially raised $114,796.  After redesigning the robot, they launched a second campaign and raised an additional $170,034.

Click on the image below to go to the page and watch the video…


Example #2 (Noke)

Noke is the “worlds first bluetooth padlock”.  It raised $652,828 on Kickstarter

Click on the image below to go to the and watch the Noke video…