Google Form Quizzes and Flubaroo


I am making a shift to doing more electronic assessment and evaluation using Google Forms and Flubaroo

• Send a Google Form Quiz or Investigation to students to complete and then use Flubaroo to grade the Quiz

• You do not need to grade the Quiz – Flubaroo will do it for you!

• Flubaroo is an add-on for Google Drive.


Click on the link below to visit…


• Grade online assignments in under a minute!

• Get reporting and analysis on student performance!

• Email students their scores.




Google Forms


• All Electronic Documents– No Paper!

• Creating Quizzes, Tests and Investigations in Google Forms saves lots of time

• Easy to customize – add and delete questions

• It takes seconds to grade all of the assignments!

• Students are exposed to a variety of types of questions including Multiple Choice, which is used on many standardized tests