Updating Products


I have been busy since the start of the school year updating products.  If you have purchased products at my TpT shore, go to your “my purchases” tab to download the Free Updates.   Many times I will add something to a lesson as I am re-teaching it in my classroom.  I add new links to online articles and videos, new instructions, more activities etc.  It is a good idea to check back for updates on a regular basis under your “my purchases” tab.

Here are three big recent updates (Microsoft Word, Marketing Activities and Wix.com)…

#1.  I have added several new lessons for Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013.  People have been asking for more activities for Microsoft Word and I have added several over the past year.

Microsoft Office 2010 Bundle

Microsoft Office 2013 Bundle

Here are the lessons I have added…

1. Creating pictures using Shapes
2. Using Picture Tools to add and move images
3. Creating a Resume

4.  A “Setting Up a Page” activity that involves using margins, line spacing, page numbers, header/footer, page color and watermarks


5.  Adding and Formatting WordArt (Fill Color, LIne Color, Line Width, Shadow, Reflection, Bevel, 3-D Rotation, Transition)


#2.  I have also added many lessons to my Marketing Lessons Bundle.


Here is a list of lessons I have added to this bundle…

1. ‘The View’ TV Show Loses Sponsors After Host Comments
2.  Instagram Advertising
3.  Analyzing Commercials
4.  eBay, Groupon, QuiBids
5.  Kickstarter and Crowdfunding
6.  TV vs. Internet Marketing
7. Advertising on Twitter
8. E-Commerce
9. Google AdWords
10. Lego
11. Marketing Coke and Pepsi
12. Persuasive Advertising Techniques

Marketing Lessons Bundle

#3. Finally, Wix.com, website builder, recently changed the layout of their website so I have completely redesigned my Wix.com lesson to include new screen shots of the editor.


Wix.com Website Builder

Don’t forget to check back in your “my purchases” tab for regular updates!