2 Responses from Featured Seller Form

I recently responded to a few questions to become a featured seller in the TpT Newsletter.  I thought I would share my responses here with all of you…

What do you uniquely bring to TpT?  Who are you as a TpT Teacher Author?

I specialize in EdTech resources to help teachers implement technology in their lessons.  I offer a wide variety of tools for interactive learning, creating presentations, website development, Google Drive, Microsoft Office and more.  In my teaching I am driven to research and investigate new websites and software with my students.

The resource I am most proud of is my Google Drive Lessons Bundle, which covers Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Drawings as well as many helpful updates and add-ons to use with Drive.

Tell us about one experience that changed or defined the way you teach…

I realized that I could guide students to have a meaningful and informative experience with software even if I wasn’t an expert in that particular software.  Our students come from a generation of inquisitive tech-oriented learners who generally enjoy problem solving.   There is often an exceptional student in class who is willing to share his or her knowledge to help the teacher and his or her classmates with technology issues.