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Amazing New Tech Videos


#1.  Microsoft: Imagining the future for NFL Fans

Link to video (view 0 – 1:38 mins)

#2.  Microsoft Hololens Demo at Windows 10 Devices Event

Link to video (view 2min to 5min of this 8min video)

#3.  This Soccer Ball-Shaped Drone Can’t Chop Your Fingers Off

Link to video

#4.  CES 2016: LG’s Bendy Roll-Up Screen

Link to video


Answer one question for each video. Select a question from the list below.
1.Describe this technology.
2.Would you buy this device? Explain.
3.What uses are there for this technology?
4.Compare this device to a technology that already exists.
5.How would you make this technology better?

Tech News 2016 Articles, Videos and Questions

I have just updated my Tech News Activity with new articles and videos from 2016!



1.Gamified drones will be one of the biggest toy trends of the year

2.Want to help manufacture self-driving cars? Google is hiring.

3.GoPro’s integration with Periscope is a live streaming dream come true

4.10 coolest toys at the 2016 Toy Fair

5.The problem with schools requiring students to wear fitness trackers

6.Google releasing virtual reality headset this year

7.In the future, Microsoft HoloLens could fill your living room with NFL football

8.Trying on a smart ring: Fashion faux-pas or tech masterpiece

If you have already purchased Tech News, you can download this free update by simply downloading the product files again under your “my purchases” tab.


Here is a link to this activity…

Tech News 2016 Activity


Google Forms – New Layout

Google updated the layout of Google Forms.

Changes to Forms include…

·         Hit the plus button in the corner of a form to create a new Form (A new form will automatically be opened)

·         There are a variety of new colours and themes available to decorate your Form

·         A new Toolbar Editor for adding questions, titles, images, video and sections

·         New ways to send the form to respondents or collaborators


New Covers for Products


I have been creating new covers for some of my products over the past few days including many Google Drive, Microsoft Office lessons and activities and Computers Course Part 1 & 2.   If you have purchased these products, you can download the revised versions by simply downloading the file again under your “my purchases” tab.  More new covers will be available soon…