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Minions Picture using Shapes in Google Drawings


I developed an activity today that shows students how to create a Minion using Shapes in Google Drive Drawings.  This is a fun activity that allows students to learn more about Google Drive Drawings while creating an amusing Minions picture.   I used it with my Grade 9 Computers class and they loved it!  They were very engaged and it would definitely be a great activity for elementary students as well!



Topics/Skills Covered in this Activity
• Finding the Shape Button
• Using a Variety of Shapes
• Moving / Rotating Shapes
• Coloring Shapes
• Copy/Paste Shapes
• Putting Shapes Together to Make a Picture

Click on the link below to view this lesson…

Minions Picture using Shapes in Google Drawings Activity

Classroom Rules Minions Video


• This Minions Class Rules video currently has 627,984 views on YouTube
• Use this video to introduce, discuss and develop a set of class rules with your students

Class Rules

1. No gum
2. Be a good friend
3. Control bodily functions
4. Always follow directions and listen to the teacher
5. No teasing or bullying others
6. Don’t waste time when you leave the room
7. Keep your hands to yourself
8. Respect other learners by not disrupting
9. Supportive when working in groups
10. Leave toys at home
11. Keep cellphones turned off in backpacks
12. Ask for help when you need it
13. Keep your area clean

Click on the link below to download a free lesson about this video…

Classroom Rules Minions Video Activity


Powtoon’s New Website Layout


Powtoon recently redesigned their interface.  It is more user-friendly, has more features and they have added three new how-to videos on the dashboard to get you started.

• Animate your presentations!
• Create professional-looking animated explainer videos and animated presentations
• Simple to use interface
• Wide variety of animation tools right at your fingertips
• Dynamic characters, eye-popping images, and active text sequences
• Capture audience attention and imagination

Some people think that the best way to make a presentation is to throw images and text onto the slide.  Instead, Powtoon suggests that you grab a pen and paper (or word processing software) and write a story.  Don’t know how to write a story? Powtoon has created a 5 step guide to assist you…

Powtoon’s 5 Step Guide for Writing a Story/Script

1.Who are you talking to? (your audience)

2.State a problem that they are experiencing

3.Show expertise or solution

4.Present the solution

5.Call to action. Give you audience a specific action to take.

Aim to create video scripts that are 90 seconds or less.

Google Online Safety Roadshow videos


Google recently launched their Online Safety Roadshow on YouTube to help protect kids on the web.

This series contains 5 excellent videos with tips for staying safe online…

Tip 1: Think Before You Share
Tip 2: Protect Your Stuff
Tip 3: Know and Use Your Settings
Tip 4: Avoid Scams
Tip 5: Be Positive

Each of these videos are short and engaging (between 1 and 2 minutes in length)

Link to Videos…

Tip 1: Think Before You Share

Tip 2: Protect Your Stuff

Tip 3: Know & Use Your Settings

Tip 4: Avoid Scams

Tip 5: Be Positive