Powtoon’s New Website Layout


Powtoon recently redesigned their interface.  It is more user-friendly, has more features and they have added three new how-to videos on the dashboard to get you started.


• Animate your presentations!
• Create professional-looking animated explainer videos and animated presentations
• Simple to use interface
• Wide variety of animation tools right at your fingertips
• Dynamic characters, eye-popping images, and active text sequences
• Capture audience attention and imagination

Some people think that the best way to make a presentation is to throw images and text onto the slide.  Instead, Powtoon suggests that you grab a pen and paper (or word processing software) and write a story.  Don’t know how to write a story? Powtoon has created a 5 step guide to assist you…

Powtoon’s 5 Step Guide for Writing a Story/Script

1.Who are you talking to? (your audience)

2.State a problem that they are experiencing

3.Show expertise or solution

4.Present the solution

5.Call to action. Give you audience a specific action to take.

Aim to create video scripts that are 90 seconds or less.