Turnitin.com – Checking for Plagiarism and Copied Work


  • I have overheard students in my computer lab, asking their classmates for permission to copy their work so that they can hand-in the same assignment
  • This is a serious academic offence but many students participate in this activity and they don’t seem to consider that they are being very dishonest
  • At my school when students are caught, both the student that shared the work and the student who copied the work will receive a zero on the assignment
  • If this happens multiple times, there are more serious consequences such as suspension from school
  • My goal, at the beginning of the 2016/17 school year, is to get teachers to notify their classes that copying work is not tolerated and teachers will be checking for plagiarism using Turnitin.com through D2L (Desire to Learn) software
  • Your school board may not be using D2L but everyone has access to Turnitin.com to check for plagiarism and copying

Enabling the OriginalityCheck through D2L…










Turnitin.com also lists the website(s) where work was plagiarized