Computer Lab Set-Up and Teaching Style

I have received some questions about the physical set-up of my computer lab and my teaching style so I thought I would share information here about these important topics. In my room, the thirty desks and computers are facing the front of the room since I want to have all students’ attention during a video or to introduce new software using an LCD projector. I like to see their reactions and facial expressions to help gauge the effectiveness of a new lesson. If I am introducing new software and/or a website, I will generally take about five to ten minutes to demonstrate the features of the program using one of my step-by-step lessons with screenshots. I keep in mind that their attention span will be short and they will also learn a lot from actually using the program. After the short demo, I will let them utilize the software and get familiar with its features before introducing the first activity. I find that students enjoy figuring things out on their own but I will circulate around the room to assist as needed. I move through a lot of topics and software in my computer classes, only spending one or two periods for websites such as Popplet mind maps or PicMonkey photo editing . Other software requires more time such as Weebly websites and Comic Life . Of course, I invest the most amount of time into Microsoft Office and Google Drive.