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Over the last few days I have been purchasing some photos again from  There are lots of eye catching pictures on this site.  They are not cheap as most prices range from $13 to $36 per picture.  You buy credits to purchase the images or you can buy a bundle which allows you to download 10 images per month for $100.  Here are some of the photos I have purchased for cover images…

Sharing within Google Drive

Collaborators within Google Drive

  • I often have students put together a Google Slide presentation for their group projects
  • One person from the group will open a Google Slide presentation
  • That person will then invite the other members of the group to collaborate
  • All members of the group can work on the same Google Slide from different devices
  • They will each see changes made by their group members in real time

Protecting your Work

  • If you are concerned about someone copying your work and submitting it as their own, then share your work in PDF format
  • This is the only secure way to protect work if you do not want people to be able to edit it
  • It is very important to know that recipients can always make a copy of “view only” files and just edit as they wish
  • Google Docs were designed to allow people to collaborate and edit shared documents. It was not created to “protect” products.

Google Spaces – New App For Sharing

  • Google Spaces is a new app for small group sharing
  • Spaces helps you get a group together quickly to share things about any topic and instantly start conversations
  • Invite classmates any way you like with a quick link
  • Teachers and students can use Google Spaces to share ideas and learn from one another
  • Students can use it to collaborate on projects, complete homework and prepare for tests

Source Design Program

I have been working on creating a new promotional handout for trade shows and other events.  It will be a laminated, glossy 5 in. x 7 in. card (similar in size and look to a postcard).  I used a very user friendly and dynamic design program called Canva.   I found out about it last year while attending a conference in Rochester N.Y.  One of the speakers was from an advertising firm.  Companies pay her office big money to design ads for them and they use Canva to create the ads.  She laughed because you would think that they would use some really expensive, sophisticated program and instead they use Canva.  I now use it with all of my classes to design social media posts.


Here is the design I have so far for my handout…

Google Transformation Center

  • The Transformation Center is a hub of resources to help education leaders improve all aspects of their schools
  • A collection of ideas, stories, templates and guides from schools so that leaders can learn from each other
  • Find examples from real schools that are implementing the 7 Elements of Transformation
  • Submit your ideas to help the community of school leaders

7 Elements of Transformation

  1. Professional Development– Effective professional development and coaching
  2. Culture – Foster a culture of innovation and learn from failure and success
  3. Technology – Find, test and implement the right technology tools
  4. Funding & Sustainability – School leaders create a sustainable budget
  5. Community Engagement – Ensure school partners are able to support the school
  6. Learning – Develop curriculum and assessment that puts the student at the center
  7. Vision – Create a clear vision, all members work toward shared goals

To find out more about Google’s Transformation Center, click on the link below…

Google Transformation Center

Over 3000 Teacher Reviews and Ratings!

I would just like to thank all of you for your support.  TeachwithTech now has over 3000 Reviews and Ratings of our products!  I really appreciate hearing from you about how these products are working in your classroom.  Here is some of the teacher feedback we have recently received…

“Great resource to use with 1-1 classrooms to get students familiar with Google Drive.” (Karla M.)

“I love to use these in class. I am teaching computer technology for the first time ever this year and I can’t say enough great things about these lessons. They are even great to turn key information to my fellow teachers. I highly recommend these lessons.” (Mr. Fredericks)

“This is a great resource. Gavin makes my life so much easier!” (Lori Dupree)

“This is super helpful. I had not tried Kahoot until I downloaded your instructions. We have been having a blast using the game.” (Julie Graham)

“Wonderful tool to help teach my class and the teachers in my school more about Google.” (Sharon G.)

“Fantastic resource!! Thank you so much for creating this and putting it all in one place!”  (Karen A.)

“This is a great bundle and has given me a ton of ideas on some creative projects with my students. My students have especially loved the Drawings projects!” (Kirsten Shaw)

“This is my favorite thing! This really helped set things up! And was kid friendly for students to follow to get set up. LOVE IT!” (Buyer)

“This purchase is saving my life… I have spent hours online trying to develop a curriculum and finally bit the bullet and bought this. Best money ever invested.” (Mele Echiburu)

“This is going to be a “game-changer” for me!” (Tiffany A.)

“I really liked how this is explained! I can’t wait to put it into useful practice. Thank you!” (Alyssa B.)

“Crystal clear and so helpful!” (Erica R.)

Updated Products!

• TeachwithTech regularly updates products with new activities, screen shots, instructions and video/article links

• Recent updates include many of our Google Drive products, Kidblog, EdmodoKahoot, Computer Course Part 1 and Part 2 (as well as many more…)

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