Seth Godin – The Connection Economy

I love this quote from Seth Godin…

“The connection economy rewards little things, little connections, little followings.  So that if a programmer has 2000 people who read her blog and she is good, she does not need her job/company because if she is laid off she will have ten job offers tomorrow because she is connected and she has people who trust her.  One by one as people build these webs of connection and trust the guys on top have way less power than they used to.  Hence the people at the top have little power and it forces them to innovate.  We have seen this in the music industry, YouTube TV. etc.” (Seth Godin – Marketing Expert, The Connection Economy YouTube Video)

This is the new economy and speaks to the importance of blogging, making connections and making a difference in other peoples lives.  The industrial age, where jobs were broken down into small tasks so workers could be easily replaced, is finished.  Computers do those jobs now.  It is important to be creative and to do work that others cannot do.  You have the opportunity to “pick yourself” to do a job rather than waiting for some gatekeeper to allow you.  The internet allows you to reach your “tribe” of people.  If you have an amazing talent, show it off to the world.