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Kami PDF Annotation App

• Students and teachers can have immediate and profound conversations on assignments with text, voice, and video annotation tools.
• Kami is your digital pen and paper where you and your students can learn, create, and collaborate.
• It is the #1 Online PDF Viewer with over 3.5 million users.
• 12,000 American K-12 schools use Kami to collaborate on PDF files.
• Kami now integrates with Google Drive and Classroom.
• Students can use this app to respond to questions from assignments that are in PDF format.
• Teachers can use this app to annotate work submitted through Google
Classroom in order to leave feedback for students.

Kami Website

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Google Classroom Updates for the 2017/18 School Year!

Google recently added a number of helpful updates to Google Classroom for teachers.

These updates include…

1. Reorder your classes on the homepage
2. View all of a student’s work on a single page
3. Use decimal grades to award partial points
4. Display the class code in full screen
5. Transfer class ownership to another teacher
and more…

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Google Classroom Updates for the 2017/18 School Year! 

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Share a Google Doc that Must be Copied

  • Use the instructions in this guide to share a copy of a Google Doc, Sheet, Slide or Drawing with another user
  • Share Google documents you want users to be able to edit but at the same time prevents them from altering your own original copy
  • This is used for documents you are okay with users putting their own information onto/editing and perhaps submitting back to you through Google classroom
  • This guide contains step-by-step instructions for obtaining the shareable link and then changing the URL to force users to make a copy

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PowerPoint Designer is a new feature in Office 2016/Office 365

PowerPoint Designer is a new feature in Office 2016/Office 365. Designer improves your slides by automatically generating design ideas that you can choose from. While you’re putting content on a slide, Designer works in the background to match that content to professionally designed layouts. Designer will also automatically suggest options for you when you’re online and you add a picture  to your PowerPoint presentation. Finally, Designer notices when you write a timeline or a bulleted list of “steps” on a slide, in which each one begins with a verb. In each case, Designer reacts by offering to turn your list into a SmartArt graphic.

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Candy Taste Test to Promote Your Business/Technology Department

Here is an idea that I have been using for years (probably close to 10 years now in fact). I use this taste test activity to promote my business department to potential Grade 8 students when they are touring the school. Students sample three kinds of licorice or other candy. We talk about why businesses conduct taste tests and then we vote on their favorite choice. It is designed to get them excited about taking Business in High School. You can also just use it as a fun activity to do with your regular classes.

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