Future Tech Videos & Questions

This resource has been completely updated with new dynamic videos and questions! These videos are suitable for most grade levels and are designed to spark curiosity and discussion. One thing I have found in my ten years of teaching is that kids love seeing videos about new gadgets and technology related stuff. Show one of these dynamic videos at the beginning of class to grab student attention and promote discussion. Tie the video topic to your particular course of instruction. For example, many of these videos could be used for writing assignments.


12 New Videos and Questions have been added to this resource…

1. Smart Contact Lenses
2. Electronic Ink Temporary Tattoos
3. Digital Sneakers
4. Vespa Robotic Orb
5. Future of Flirting
6. Hyperloop Tube
7. Scuba Dive Tankless
8. Doodling Robot
9. Water Animation
10. Facial Recognition Toilet Paper Dispenser
11. 3D Printed Home
12. No Snooze Alarm Clock

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