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Google – Virtual Reality for Everyone!

  • Virtual reality for everyone

  • On a mission to bring amazing experiences to the world.

I am looking forward to exploring this VR experience very soon and figuring out some applications for the classroom. I ordered a pair of the cardboard viewers – they are on sale right now from Best Buy for $4.99! (Insignia Brand)


Evernote – Capture, Organize and Share Notes!

• Evernote is the digital workspace that helps you collect and organize everything you need to be more productive.
• Organize your work and declutter your life
• Collect everything that matters in one place and find it when you need it
• Enhance your notes with links, checklists, tables, attachments and audio recordings
• Capture, organize and share notes from anywhere
• Millions of people use Evernote to stay organized
• Use Evernote for free or upgrade for more space and features

The Victim of a Phishing Scheme Cyber Hack! (Pretty Embarrassing)

I was recently the victim of a Phishing Scheme Cyber Attack. It is pretty embarrassing considering I am a computers teacher and I teach my students about Computer Crime. I learned some lessons from the experience which I share in this video.

“Phishing is a way for bad people to steal your identity. Phishing scams will send links to you that are supposed to take you to a trusted site. It could be an email that looks like it came from your bank or it could be a link that seems to force you to re-sign into your account.” –

Two password managers are discussed in this video… Password Manager

After getting tired of trying to remember so many log-ins for various websites I signed up with a password manageer last night. After investigating some options it was a toss up between and They both seem to offer very similar features for roughly the same prices. I decided on 1 password because I liked the website layout and was entertained by the explainer video on the homepage. They offer one month free and then you pay $2.99 a month afterwards (billed annually). It is user friendly and I have added 35 passwords so far. It feels really good to have things all in one place and I have been creating strong, unique passwords for each website. 10 sheets of paper that were covered in log-in usernames and passwords have been burned. I think 1password also allows you to download a copy of all your log-ins to store in a safe place.