1password.com Password Manager

After getting tired of trying to remember so many log-ins for various websites I signed up with a password manageer last night. After investigating some options it was a toss up between www.1password.com and www.lastpass.com. They both seem to offer very similar features for roughly the same prices. I decided on 1 password because I liked the website layout and was entertained by the explainer video on the homepage. They offer one month free and then you pay $2.99 a month afterwards (billed annually). It is user friendly and I have added 35 passwords so far. It feels really good to have things all in one place and I have been creating strong, unique passwords for each website. 10 sheets of paper that were covered in log-in usernames and passwords have been burned. I think 1password also allows you to download a copy of all your log-ins to store in a safe place.