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Create Adventure Stories in Google Slides

• These stories can be interesting, fun and challenging for students!

• This resource contains step-by-step instructions, instruction bubbles and planning pages to help them create the stories in Google Slides

• Students will need to plan out their stories because of the somewhat complex nature of creating the options in these types of stories


1. Planning Slides

2. Creating a Choice Slide

3. Creating Destination Slides

4. Shapes for Adventure Pages

5. Linking Slides

6. Insert Text Boxes

7. Linking Callouts

• These stories can also be created in Groups. Each member of the group could be responsible to write one adventure. All members could work on the story at the same time using Google Slides.

• Use the planning slides in this resource to help students prepare. They can be shown on a projector, shared through Google Classroom or photocopied.

• After they are finished preparing, use the instructions in this resource to show students how they will create their stories in Google Slides

Google Slides Create Adventure Stories

Desire2Learn D2L Online Course Platform

· Desire2Learn helps create inspired and engaging learning for all with their online course platform

· D2L’s powerful and flexible learning management platform helps drive better learning outcomes by offering every learner a highly personalized, digital experience.

· This resource uses step-by-step instructions and screenshots to show teachers how to set-up and use Desire2Learn


1. Setting up a class

2. Search Courses

3. Manage the Course Homepage

4. Make a Copy of the Homepage

5. Menu: Communication, Course Tools, Student Tools, Edit Course, Gear

6. Activate a Course

7. Creating Units and Lessons

8. Uploading Files

9. Quizzes

10. Discussion

11. Class Progress

12. Rubrics

· Post announcements, resources, and more right on students’ course homepages.

· Engage parents by giving them a “fly on the wall” view into the digital classroom.

· Ensure younger students can find their way around with icon-based navigation.

Annotate a Note or Diagram with Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a Digital Notebook. Annotating a document is one of the best features for teachers in OneNote as it is such a helpful learning tool when doing Q&A with students or learning a new concept. This might be the best tool I have seen to annotate aside from using a SmartBoard.


· Use this feature while teaching students to…
1. Fill-in responses
2. Label diagrams
3. Correct responses
4. Use shapes and arrows to draw attention

OneNote – Your Digital Notebook
Get organized in notebooks you can divide into sections and pages. Revise your notes with type, highlighting, or ink annotations. Draw your thoughts and annotate your notes.
Teachers can use OneNote to organize lesson plans in searchable digital notebooks.


Google Redesigned its Classroom on August 7th!

“We designed Classroom to be as easy to use as possible, so we originally provided one class Stream for teachers and students to share new content and ideas. But a single stream, while simple, became too crowded, and it was hard for teachers and students to find what they needed. That’s why we’re introducing a new Classwork page, which lets teachers better organize assignments and questions by grouping them into modules and units.”

Google Blog Article about Google Classroom

Our Teacher & Student Guide is now refreshed to help you use the New Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Guide

Microsoft Sway Presentation Software

  • Office Sway is a presentation program and is part of the Microsoft Office 365 family of programs
  • Create visually striking newsletters, presentations, and documentation in minutes
  • Easily drop in photos, videos, and other multimedia
  • Sway is integrated with your device and the web
  • Sway’s design engine brings your content together beautifully
  • Put in final touches to get to the style that works for you.



Wix Logo Maker

• Students can design logos with the new Wix Logo Maker
• is one of the most well known websites for helping people build websites, now they have added a new feature to help build logos
• This revolutionary tool will start by asking students a few questions
• Based on their answers, the algorithm will then automatically generate a selection of variations of what their future logo might look like
• They simply pick their favorite and get ready to customize

Students will edit the following features…
1. Colors
2. Name
3. Tagline
4. Icons
5. Shapes

Students can download free samples of their logos to submit to their teacher

Wix Logo Maker – Spelling Lists & Games

  • is the absolutely free and totally fun way to improve ability to learn and retain spelling words.
  • Teachers and parents can load students’ spelling words, creating customized spelling practices, or you can use one of the over 350 preloaded spelling lists with over 6,600 words.
  • These spelling games have been designed to improve spelling abilities in a fun way that students will love
  • Lists begin with lesson # 1, which are age appropriate for a 6-7 year old, and progress through lesson # 412 which is age appropriate for 15-18+ years old.
  • Early lessons are shorter and consist of a variety of basic starter words. As the student progresses, both the difficulty of words presented as well as the length or number of words in each spelling list increases.


EdTech Websites by Category

A collection of over 40 Educational Technology websites divided into ten categories…

1. Presentation Software
Prezi, Powtoon

2. Design Software
Glogster, Canva, Piktochart, Autodraw

3. Comics
Comic Life, Pixton, GoAnimate, Bitmoji

4. Writing Stories
Storybird, StoryboardThat, WriteReader, MyStorybook

5. Classroom Management
ClassBadges, ClassDojo, Google Timer, BouncyBalls, Edmodo, Classclimate, CheckItOut, ClassCraft, Remind

6. Video
Animoto, WeVideo, Movie Maker, Toontastic App

Toontastic App

7. Website Builders
Weebly, Wix, Google Sites

8. Games
Factile, Kahoot, Random Name Picker, Stack the States App

Stack the States Geography App

9. Interactive Tools
KidBlog, Peergrade, Quizlet, Kami, Lucidchart, Flippity, Padlet, Mural, Popplet, PicMonkey, SurveyMonkey, Letter Generator, Thinglink, Trading Card Generator, Evernote

10. Google Tools
Google Drive, Google Classroom, Hangouts, Cast For Education, Maps, Groups, Fonts, Calendar, Photos and more…