Google Classroom Updates for the 2017/18 School Year!

Google recently added a number of helpful updates to Google Classroom for teachers.

These updates include…

1. Reorder your classes on the homepage
2. View all of a student’s work on a single page
3. Use decimal grades to award partial points
4. Display the class code in full screen
5. Transfer class ownership to another teacher
and more…

Click on the link below to download this free guide…

Google Classroom Updates for the 2017/18 School Year! 

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Share a Google Doc that Must be Copied

  • Use the instructions in this guide to share a copy of a Google Doc, Sheet, Slide or Drawing with another user
  • Share Google documents you want users to be able to edit but at the same time prevents them from altering your own original copy
  • This is used for documents you are okay with users putting their own information onto/editing and perhaps submitting back to you through Google classroom
  • This guide contains step-by-step instructions for obtaining the shareable link and then changing the URL to force users to make a copy

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PowerPoint Designer is a new feature in Office 2016/Office 365

PowerPoint Designer is a new feature in Office 2016/Office 365. Designer improves your slides by automatically generating design ideas that you can choose from. While you’re putting content on a slide, Designer works in the background to match that content to professionally designed layouts. Designer will also automatically suggest options for you when you’re online and you add a picture  to your PowerPoint presentation. Finally, Designer notices when you write a timeline or a bulleted list of “steps” on a slide, in which each one begins with a verb. In each case, Designer reacts by offering to turn your list into a SmartArt graphic.

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Candy Taste Test to Promote Your Business/Technology Department

Here is an idea that I have been using for years (probably close to 10 years now in fact). I use this taste test activity to promote my business department to potential Grade 8 students when they are touring the school. Students sample three kinds of licorice or other candy. We talk about why businesses conduct taste tests and then we vote on their favorite choice. It is designed to get them excited about taking Business in High School. You can also just use it as a fun activity to do with your regular classes.

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If I Fail More Than You, I Win!

I came across this quote from Seth Godin recently and I have been thinking about what it means in education.  You need to take chances and get out of your comfort zone to accomplish great things.

Consider the following…

Steve Jobs created more terrible technology than me – he wins!

Oprah Winfrey has asked more stupid interview questions than me – she wins!

LeBron James has missed more game winning shots than me – he wins!

Schools were set-up for the industrial revolution.  Do this activity, get it perfect, move on to the next task.  However, the jobs that our students will have in the future will not require them to do things this way.  Computers will do that work for us.  The new “connection economy” will reward the “artists”, the people who can come up with new ideas and make connections.  That kind of work requires that people will fail in order to really achieve the success they pursue.

Another way to think about this is a student gets an A on every assignment, in every course through school. They graduate and write their first blog post or create their first video and people say it is terrible they will not be able to deal with this failure. We need to teach them that it is okay to fail and provide opportunities for them to step outside of their comfort zones to do so.

Seth Godin – The Connection Economy

I love this quote from Seth Godin…

“The connection economy rewards little things, little connections, little followings.  So that if a programmer has 2000 people who read her blog and she is good, she does not need her job/company because if she is laid off she will have ten job offers tomorrow because she is connected and she has people who trust her.  One by one as people build these webs of connection and trust the guys on top have way less power than they used to.  Hence the people at the top have little power and it forces them to innovate.  We have seen this in the music industry, YouTube TV. etc.” (Seth Godin – Marketing Expert, The Connection Economy YouTube Video)

This is the new economy and speaks to the importance of blogging, making connections and making a difference in other peoples lives.  The industrial age, where jobs were broken down into small tasks so workers could be easily replaced, is finished.  Computers do those jobs now.  It is important to be creative and to do work that others cannot do.  You have the opportunity to “pick yourself” to do a job rather than waiting for some gatekeeper to allow you.  The internet allows you to reach your “tribe” of people.  If you have an amazing talent, show it off to the world.

PDF to Google Doc Conversion

• You can now convert a PDF to a Google Doc right in Google Drive in order to make changes to the document
• The file conversion is good for simple small PDFs but bad for large PDFs with images, tables and other complex formatting
• The following guide shows you how to upload PDFs into Google Drive and convert them using step-by-step instructions and screenshots

PDF to Google Doc Conversion Guide