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Flubaroo – New option to share graded assignments through Google Drive

Flubaroo is an add-on for Google Drive.  I have used Flubaroo several times this semester to grade multiple choice Google Form quizzes.  Flubaroo recently added a new option so that you are now able to share graded quizzes to students through Google Drive instead of just by email.  The screen shots below show the step-by-step process to share grades…


Flubaroo New Feature – Send Graded Assignments to Students through Google Drive


I have been using Flubaroo a lot this semester to grade multiple choice quizzes I have made in Google Drive Forms.  I found out about a new Flubaroo feature from Richard Byrne on his Free Technology For Teachers Blog that allows you to send graded assignments to students.  Click on the link below to view his post…

Send Graded Assignments to Students Through Google Drive

For step-by-step instructions for sending graded assignments, click on the link below…

Share Grades through Drive – Step-by-step instructions

I am excited to try out this new feature after my students complete their next quiz in Google Forms.