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E-Waste and Digital Dumping

In my computers class, we discuss E-Waste…

Electronic waste or e-waste is broadly defined as anything that is being thrown away by consumers that contains a circuit board

  • There are lots of items we use in our daily lives
  • All of these will break down at some point
  • The 1st law of the Digital Age is “Newer is Better”
  • Old TV’s, phones and computers become obsolete electronic garbage called e-waste

1.Pelley, Scott. The Electronic Wasteland. CBS.com. November 9, 2008

Here are some E-Waste Posters my students designed using Microsoft Publisher…

dealing with electronic waste val belanger

E-waste poster Kendra


Piktochart Create Infographics Lesson

• An infographic is an image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data
• Most infographics are fun to read and provide valuable information
• Piktochart has an easy to use editor with drag and drop features that allows people to create infographics

This lesson includes screen shots and instructions to teach students how to create infographics using Piktochart’s free features.

Click on the image below to view this lesson…


UPDATE: This lesson has been updated with more instructions, screen shots and information. I am really in love with this website. It is the best EdTech site I have discovered in awhile. I have been using it with my students and to update my lesson covers.

Click on the link below to view this lesson…

Piktochart Create Infographics Lesson


What is the internet…really? (Ted.com Video Lesson)


  • More and more of our lives are spent on-line and surfing the internet.
  • I can draw a picture of a cell phone.
  • However, what would you draw to show someone the internet? (Think of 10 things to draw to represent the internet and list them on your page.)

Begin showing the video now

  • How has your view of the internet changed after watching this video? Explain. How did your 10 pictures compare with how the internet is portrayed in this video?

Animoto.com – 50 Free Upgraded Plus Accounts

  • Anyone can register for free and make short videos using Animoto in just a few minutes.
  • I just discovered that Educators can now get 50 Free upgraded student accounts for 6 months by registering on their website.
  • Animoto will send you a code via email to use to set-up the accounts.
  • These Upgraded accounts allow students to create videos up to 10 minutes in length.  These ‘Plus’ accounts give students access to more features within the program.  Also, the videos do not have a watermark in the background.
  • The following screen shots and instructions show you how to obtain the free accounts…

Slide 1


Slide 2


Slide 3


Slide 4


Slide 5


Slide 6


Slide 7


Slide 8


Slide 9


Slide 10


Slide 11


Slide 12







Weebly.com Easy Website Builder


“It’s surprisingly easy to create a unique website” (weebly.com)

I have explored many fantastic sites for website development including Wix.com, Webs.com and GoDaddy.com.  They each have their own unique advantage (which I may discuss in future blogs).  However, during my classroom experiments, I have found that Weebly is the easiest program.  If you are looking for something that students will be able to master quickly to create beautiful websites, then you should check out weekly.com.  I have been using it for three years with my information technology and business classes but Just about any course of instruction could utilize this website.

Weebly for teacher websites

This spring, at a staff meeting, teachers at my school were encouraged to begin building websites for their classes.  In the computer lab following the meeting, I taught my staff how to use Weebly because it is so user-friendly. Even the non-techy teachers were able to begin creating sites using this free program.


Digital Citizenship Lesson

Digital Citizenship – Sharing Information Online Lesson

Digital Citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use
• This FREE lesson encourages students to “pause before they post” something online
• Watch a short video with the band Perry sharing information about the importance of “Pausing Before You Post”
• Create a response to the video and pledge

Here is the video…


Click on the image below to download this free lesson…




For a free digital copy of this lesson, click the link below…

Digital Citizenship Lesson