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Animoto.com to Create Stunning Videos


  • Make FREE 30 second videos
  • The easiest way to make beautiful videos online
  • Stunning video styles
  • Add captions and titles to your photos and video clips


Using Animoto in the Classroom

I began using Animoto about a year ago to make short 30 second videos with my computer classes.  So far I have had 5 different classes (about 150 students) use this free program.  I am very impressed with its ease of use and video quality.  Students really enjoy using this program.  I would suggest that you have students experiment with different themes and add captions to their photos.

Using Animoto for School Assemblies and Events

At the end of the school year, I decided to put together a year-end video showcasing student achievement in academics and athletics for an assembly.  Since I am in charge of creating the yearbook at my school, I have access to hundreds of photos.  Because it had worked so effectively in my classroom experiments, I selected Animoto to put together this year-end video.  For this project, I purchased the $5/month plan because it allows you to create videos that are up to 10 minutes in length.  The finished product looked like it took hours to create but I was able to put it together in a fraction of that time.  The hardest part was sorting through all my images to find the best ones to use for the video.