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WeVideo Create Videos How-To Guide

• WeVideo is the leading online video creation platform for video editing, collaboration, and sharing across any device.
• Drag and drop your videos, trim and choose from pre-made themes to set a unique style.
• Online video editor that makes it easy to capture, create, view and share your movies
• Add video, images, text and transitions with ease

This guide contains screenshots and instruction bubbles to teach students how to use WeVideo to make amazing videos. It gives some suggestions for video topics but the main purpose of this resource is to help teachers and students use WeVideo.


1. Accessing WeVideo
2. Import Images/Video
3. Drag Images/Video into Storyboard
4. Edit Video
5. Change Theme
6. Add Music
7. Apply Graphics
8. Publish Video
9. Video Topic Ideas

WeVideo Guide

Updates to Google Drive Lessons & Activities Bundle!

This week I redesigned the Docs (word processing), Sheets (spreadsheets) and Slides (presentations) lessons in this bundle. New screenshots and step-by-step instructions were added for each program. If you have already purchased it, you can download the free updates under your “my purchases” tab. This bundle also contains instructions and activities for Forms (quizzes and surveys), Drawings (desktop publishing/pictures) and Drive Add-ons. Here is a link to the resource…

Google Drive Lessons & Activities Bundle



AutoDraw Drawing Tool from Google

Google recently launched this new drawing tool that pairs machine learning with drawings from artists to help students create images quickly. It is really simple to use and fun for all ages.

“Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can change when exposed to new data.” (http://whatis.techtarget.com/definiti…)

Getting Close to 5000 Reviews!

TeachwithTech is about to reach 5000 Reviews on TeachersPayTeachers! I would really appreciate it you could leave feedback if you have purchased a resource or downloaded one of my free products to help us reach 5000!

Here is how you do it…

  1. Go to teacherspayteachers.com and log-in to your account

  2. Click on My Purchases

  3. Click Leave Feedback below the resource you purchased. Rate the product and leave a feedback message.

TeachwithTech on TpT

Thanks, Gavin

Canva.com – One of My Top 5 EdTech Tools!

Canva.com design and desktop publishing software – This is one of my top 5 EdTech tools – I use it all the time!
Why Canva?
1. Easy to use
2. Stunning layouts
3. Unique font options
4. Huge gallery of captivating images and icon options
5. Free to use (some images/icons are paid)
Use it in your classroom anytime your students need to design something. Design Posters, Presentations, Cards and Social Media layouts using Canva! You really need to check it out if you have not tried Canva.
• “The easiest design program in the world” – The Webbys
• “Canva enables anyone to become a designer” – PSFK

Kahoot NEW Nickname Generator – No More Naughty Nicknames!


Most of us have experienced problems with naughty nicknames while trying to play Kahoot with our classes. Also, sometimes students get overly creative coming up with names and it takes a long time for everyone to join. Kahoot has a new feature to simplify your hosting experience – their nickname generator!





Download YouTube Video For Your Classroom

• These instructions shows you how to download YouTube videos for free using www.savefrom.net

Download YouTube Video Guide

• These videos will download in smaller file format sizes but will work fine for most purposes
Note: Savefrom.net does advertise the option to download videos in larger file sizes for a cost of $19.99. I have not purchased this option so I am not recommending that you spend your money on it. Please research this paid option if you feel it is a feature you would like to utilize.


EdTech Websites Certificates & Checklist

• This resource contains a checklist collection of over 50 educational technology websites divided into categories and certificates
• Over the past 12 years, my students have successfully utilized most of these amazing websites to enhance their learning
• Use the checklist as a way to find the appropriate tech tool for the job and to keep track of EdTech websites you have utilized in class
• Print or keep the electronic PNG format certificates as a way to demonstrate the tools you have implemented in your classroom
• Include the checklist and certificates in your teaching portfolio to share with a principal/administrator during discussions, evaluations or interviews


#1. Presentation Software
Prezi, Powtoon, Haiku Deck, Slatebox

#2. Design Software
Glogster, Canva, Piktochart, Autodraw

#3. Comics
Comic Life, Pixton, GoAnimate, Bitmoji

#4. Writing Stories
Storybird, StoryboardThat, WriteReader, MyStorybook

#5. Classroom Management
ClassBadges, ClassDojo, Google Timer, BouncyBalls, Edmodo, Classclimate, CheckItOut

#6. Video Editors
Animoto, WeVideo, MovieMaker

#7. Website Builders
Weebly, Wix, Google Sites

#8. Games
Factile, Kahoot, Random Name Game

#9. Interactive Tools
KidBlog, Peergrade, Quizlet, Kami, Lucidchart, Flippity, Padlet, Mural, Popplet, PicMonkey, SurveyMonkey, Letter Generator, Thinglink, Trading Card Generator

#10. Google Tools
Hangouts, Cast For Education, Maps, Groups, Fonts, Calendar, Photos, OpenClipArt

#11. Office and Google
Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Google Classroom

Note: You will receive a PowerPoint (editable) and PDF version of this resource.


This resource contains Certificates for the following educational technology resources…

1. Animoto
2. AutoDraw
3. Bitmoji
4. BouncyBalls
5. Canva
6. ClassBadges
7. ClassDojo
8. ComicLife
9. Edmodo
10. Factile
11. Flippity
12. Glogster
13. GoAnimate
14. Google Classroom
15. Google Drive
16. Google My Maps
17. Google Sites
18. Google Timer
19. Haiku Deck
20. Kahoot
21. Kami
22. Kidblog
23. Letter Generator
24. Lucidchart
25. Microsoft Office
26. Movie Maker
27. Mural
28. MyStoryBook
29. Padlet
30. Peergrade
31. PicMonkey
32. Piktochart
33. Pixton
34. Popplet
35. PowToon
36. Prezi
37. Quizlet
38. Random name Picker
39. Storybird
40. StoryboardThat
41. SurveyMonkey
42. Trading Card Generator
43. Weebly
44. WeVideo
45. Wix
46. WriteReader

Link to resource…

EdTech Websites & Certificates

Trading Card Creator

Create a Trading Card for a book character, historical person, athlete, celebrity, entrepreneur, singer, musician or actor/actress.
• Creating trading cards for their favorite story characters will challenge students to think more deeply about what they read or even watch in movies or on television.
• By answering a series of questions, students zero in on what’s obvious and not so obvious about a character or person. Not only will they describe the character’s appearance and actions, but also probe for thoughts, feelings, and motivations.
• The cards also offer a chance for students to consider their own impressions: What is likeable or not likeable about a character and what personal connections might students make?

Click on the link below to check it out…

Trading Card Creator