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Minions Picture using Shapes in Google Drawings


I developed an activity today that shows students how to create a Minion using Shapes in Google Drive Drawings.  This is a fun activity that allows students to learn more about Google Drive Drawings while creating an amusing Minions picture.   I used it with my Grade 9 Computers class and they loved it!  They were very engaged and it would definitely be a great activity for elementary students as well!



Topics/Skills Covered in this Activity
• Finding the Shape Button
• Using a Variety of Shapes
• Moving / Rotating Shapes
• Coloring Shapes
• Copy/Paste Shapes
• Putting Shapes Together to Make a Picture

Click on the link below to view this lesson…

Minions Picture using Shapes in Google Drawings Activity

Google Math g(Math) Add-on for Google Drive


• Create and insert Math Expressions and Graphs in Google DOCS, SHEETS and FORMS using a new add-on for Google Drive called g(Math)

• This guide has instructions for accessing the g(Math) add-on and step-by-step instructions for using it

• Use g(Math) with Google Forms to create online quizzes and tests

• For multiple choice quizzes, you can use the Flubaroo add-on in Drive to grade the quiz for you!

Slide 1


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Click on the link below to download this free guide…

Google Math g(Math) Add-on For Google Drive

Google Classroom – Deleting a Class


I had a question… “How do I delete a class from Google Classroom?”

The main thing to understand is that you can’t delete a class until you archive it.

At the end of a semester of the school year, you may want to archive a class to preserve the class materials, assignments and any postings in the class stream. When you archive a class, you no longer see it among your other classes. It is moved to a separate area.



Creating QR codes in Google Sheets


QR Codes

• A QR code (Quick Response Code) is a type of matrix barcode first designed for the automotive industry in Japan
• When scanned with a smartphone, tablet or laptop they will take you to a website, article, video, social media page and more
• All you need is a camera lens on your device and a free QR code scanning app
• QR Codes can be used for many classroom activities including website and video investigations

QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator is an add-on for Google Sheets
• It allows you to generate QR codes directly from Google Spreadsheets
• Make multiple QR codes quickly and easily

The instructions below will show you how to create QR Codes in Google Drive using an add-on for Google Sheets called QR Code Generator

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Creating Rubrics in Google Forms and Sheets


You can create, complete and send rubrics to students using Google Forms.  This allows you to mark projects/activities and send results to students directly in Google Drive.

• The two types of Google Form questions that are effective for creating rubrics are are multiple-choice grid and linear scale
• You can also convert an existing rubric into an image and add it to your Google Form rubric
• You can print out or send the completed form data to students via email by viewing the responses in Sheets

Here is a link to a resource to show you how to do it…

Google Form Rubrics

You can also create, complete and send rubric results to students in Google Sheets by using an add-on for Google Drive called Online Rubrics.


Here is a link to a resource to show you how to do it…

Google Sheet Rubrics

Uploading Microsoft Office Files to Google Drive


• This lesson includes step-by-step instructions and screenshots for uploading a Microsoft Office Document (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) into Google Drive.

• You can edit, download, and convert Microsoft Office files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

• Once you’ve edited a Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides file, you can then save and share it with others.

• It also includes a video link to learn how to add the Google Drive Plugin for Microsoft Office.

• With this plugin, you can now edit your Office files stored in Google Drive directly in Microsoft Office!

• If you use Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can save your files directly to Google Drive, open them from Drive, or share them, all from within your Office programs.

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Link to get the plug-in…


Link to video explaining how to download and use the Plugin…


Click on the link below to download this lesson…

Uploading Microsoft Office Files to Google Drive


Google Forms – New Layout

Google updated the layout of Google Forms.

Changes to Forms include…

·         Hit the plus button in the corner of a form to create a new Form (A new form will automatically be opened)

·         There are a variety of new colours and themes available to decorate your Form

·         A new Toolbar Editor for adding questions, titles, images, video and sections

·         New ways to send the form to respondents or collaborators


Flubaroo – New option to share graded assignments through Google Drive

Flubaroo is an add-on for Google Drive.  I have used Flubaroo several times this semester to grade multiple choice Google Form quizzes.  Flubaroo recently added a new option so that you are now able to share graded quizzes to students through Google Drive instead of just by email.  The screen shots below show the step-by-step process to share grades…


3 Google Classroom Updates


I found out about these updates recently on the Educators Technology and Mobile Learning website.  I love this site for EdTech news.  Click on the link below to view this blog…

Educators Technology

The 3 Updates include:

  1.  Add questions to your class stream
  2. Attach a Form to assignments
  3. Re-use existing materials

I tested out these new features with my classes on friday.  Click on the link below to view post and find out more information…

3 Google Classroom Updates