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Peer Grade Feedback Online Platform www.Peergrade.io Guide

• Learning by giving feedback
• Peergrade is a free online platform to facilitate peer feedback sessions with students
• Students get much more feedback than a single teacher could ever hope to deliver
• Get data driven insight into student performance
• Creates a much better learning experience for your students
• Students will use the feedback to improve their assignments/projects



TpT Now Offering Video Tutorials!

I am excited to announce that starting today Teachers Pay Teachers is now offering Video lessons.  I now have video lessons on the following topics …

1.   Weebly Website Creator


2.  Kahoot Classroom Response Game


3.  Popplet Mind Maps


4.  QR Codes using Google Sheets


5.  PicMonkey Photo Editing


6.  Prezi Presentations


7.  Glogster Multi-Media Posters


8.  Google Drive


9.  Google Classroom


My own experience with Google Classroom

Google Classroom helped me immensely to stay more organized.  All class materials are in one place.  Google creates a folder for each assignment and all submitted assignments are automatically placed in this folder to ease marking.  I can reuse assignments, tests and announcements to quickly recreate a course.  Create a test and use the Flubaroo add-on to mark it for you.  Finally, the site just looks good, the layout is appealing.  You can change the theme to suite your class.  It is professional while at the same time inviting to students.  Try it for yourself to take advantage of all of all these amazing features in your classroom.


Office 2013 vs. Office 2016


I had a chance yesterday to sit down with 2 computers in front of me and compare the ribbons (toolbar) in Office 2013 with the new Office 2016.  While Excel had a few changes, I was happy to discover that not much has changed with the layout of the ribbons in Word, Publisher and PowerPoint.  I like and was comfortable with the 2013 ribbons so I was glad that they had not changed dramatically.  I would estimate that 95% is the same.  In some cases a feature is in the same location but the button appears slightly different.

The main changes to Office involve the ability to create and edit documents and presentations with other people and the ability to access your documents, on the go, across all your devices.

Here is a link that describes some of the changes…

See What’s New in the Office 2016 Apps


Powtoon’s New Website Layout


Powtoon recently redesigned their interface.  It is more user-friendly, has more features and they have added three new how-to videos on the dashboard to get you started.


• Animate your presentations!
• Create professional-looking animated explainer videos and animated presentations
• Simple to use interface
• Wide variety of animation tools right at your fingertips
• Dynamic characters, eye-popping images, and active text sequences
• Capture audience attention and imagination

Some people think that the best way to make a presentation is to throw images and text onto the slide.  Instead, Powtoon suggests that you grab a pen and paper (or word processing software) and write a story.  Don’t know how to write a story? Powtoon has created a 5 step guide to assist you…

Powtoon’s 5 Step Guide for Writing a Story/Script

1.Who are you talking to? (your audience)

2.State a problem that they are experiencing

3.Show expertise or solution

4.Present the solution

5.Call to action. Give you audience a specific action to take.

Aim to create video scripts that are 90 seconds or less.

Google Online Safety Roadshow videos


Google recently launched their Online Safety Roadshow on YouTube to help protect kids on the web.

This series contains 5 excellent videos with tips for staying safe online…

Tip 1: Think Before You Share
Tip 2: Protect Your Stuff
Tip 3: Know and Use Your Settings
Tip 4: Avoid Scams
Tip 5: Be Positive

Each of these videos are short and engaging (between 1 and 2 minutes in length)

Link to Videos…

Tip 1: Think Before You Share

Tip 2: Protect Your Stuff

Tip 3: Know & Use Your Settings

Tip 4: Avoid Scams

Tip 5: Be Positive

Connect Technology Conference


I attended the Connect Technology Conference (Canada’s Learning and Technology Conference) this week in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  This was my second time attending this amazing EdTech event.  There were many dynamic speakers and topics but the two tools I was most eager to investigate were Google Hangouts and Skype in the Classroom.   I have already blogged about Skype and will post about Google Hangouts in the near future.  I experimented with Google Hangouts with three classes today and had to work through a few challenges, mainly with adding students, before we were able to get it running properly.  I definitely think this tool would work best with small groups, rather than the whole class, which I attempted today.

Google Math g(Math) Add-on for Google Drive


• Create and insert Math Expressions and Graphs in Google DOCS, SHEETS and FORMS using a new add-on for Google Drive called g(Math)

• This guide has instructions for accessing the g(Math) add-on and step-by-step instructions for using it

• Use g(Math) with Google Forms to create online quizzes and tests

• For multiple choice quizzes, you can use the Flubaroo add-on in Drive to grade the quiz for you!

Slide 1


Slide 2


Slide 3


Click on the link below to download this free guide…

Google Math g(Math) Add-on For Google Drive