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Rise of the Hackers


I recently discovered this amazing video on Netflix titled Rise of the Hackers.  I showed it to all of my classes yesterday.  It contains cutting edge, up-to-date information (2015) about computer viruses, hacking and encryption.  You can view this video online for free right now through several links (although I can’t guarantee that they will always be active), through Netflix or by purchasing it through Amazon.com


Links to video



If one of the links doesn’t work, you can try to find it on YouTube or Google


What is the internet…really? (Ted.com Video Lesson)


  • More and more of our lives are spent on-line and surfing the internet.
  • I can draw a picture of a cell phone.
  • However, what would you draw to show someone the internet? (Think of 10 things to draw to represent the internet and list them on your page.)

Begin showing the video now

  • How has your view of the internet changed after watching this video? Explain. How did your 10 pictures compare with how the internet is portrayed in this video?