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Wix Logo Maker

• Students can design logos with the new Wix Logo Maker
• Wix.com is one of the most well known websites for helping people build websites, now they have added a new feature to help build logos
• This revolutionary tool will start by asking students a few questions
• Based on their answers, the algorithm will then automatically generate a selection of variations of what their future logo might look like
• They simply pick their favorite and get ready to customize

Students will edit the following features…
1. Colors
2. Name
3. Tagline
4. Icons
5. Shapes

Students can download free samples of their logos to submit to their teacher

Wix Logo Maker

Wix.com Build a Website Lesson


• Web creation made simple
• No coding
• FREE, Drag-and-drop website development platform with HTML5 capabilities

This lesson includes screen shots, instructions, topic ideas, student exemplar and a rubric to enable students to create websites using wix.com

Click on the image below to view this lesson…



• Edit this site
• Sign-up
• How the editor works
• Toolbar
• Preview/Publish/Save
• Help Center
• Pages (Adding a Page, Settings and SEO)
• Design (Fonts, Background, Colors)
• Add (Text, Titles, Images, Media, Shapes, Slideshows and Buttons)
• Website Topic Ideas
• Rubric

Use Wix in just about any classroom or course of instruction. Website development could be incorporated into a variety of courses to demonstrate knowledge of course content. Teachers may also wish to use Wix to create a school website for their classes or departments.

To view this lesson, click on the link below…

Wix.com Build a Website Lesson