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Download YouTube Video For Your Classroom

• These instructions shows you how to download YouTube videos for free using www.savefrom.net

Download YouTube Video Guide

• These videos will download in smaller file format sizes but will work fine for most purposes
Note: Savefrom.net does advertise the option to download videos in larger file sizes for a cost of $19.99. I have not purchased this option so I am not recommending that you spend your money on it. Please research this paid option if you feel it is a feature you would like to utilize.


Screenflow Software to create YouTube Tutorial Videos

I spent the weekend researching how to create dynamic How-To YouTube videos using Screenflow. Screenflow is screencasting and video editing software for Macs. I purchased the software this morning for $139.99 through the App Store.


These two videos were particularly helpful…

Screenflow Tutorial by David A. Cox


How I Create My Videos by DottoTech



Things I need to make high quality professional style videos…

  1. Screenflow software
  2. Macbook Pro
  3. Logitech C920 webcam
  4. Blue Yeti USB microphone
  5. Lighting – 2 umbrella light Kit
  6. Green screen paper

Things I found out about the importance of Thumbnails and Keywords…

After uploading your video, it is very important to create an engaging thumbnail in order to grab people’s attention.  Canva is a great program for this as it has many logos, interesting graphics and fonts. Create a consistent thumbnail image for your videos in order to create a “brand” for yourself.  If your thumbnails look similar it looks more professional.  Also, when you are watching a video in YouTube there is a list of videos along the right hand side of the website offering similar videos you may be interested to watch. Most people will watch several videos on a topic they are investigating.   Underneath the thumbnail you will write a description for your video. When describing your video put the most important keywords at the beginning. This will help people find your videos by moving you higher in the search results for those keywords.

Here are a list of short-term goals I want to accomplish…

  1. Create a banner for my YouTube Channel
  2. Create an opening for my videos. Fiverr.com is a good site if you want to hire someone for a cheap price to create an opening for you.
  3. Learn to use Screenflow and use it to create my first how-to video
  4. Reach 100 subscribers so that I can change the name of my channel

It is about “Context”

Here is a really important tip that I learned from DottoTech. Most content has already been published. What is important is “context”. This means people are interested in viewing the information reflected through your experience. More specifically, how I use technology to assist myself and my students in the classroom.  I have found that teachers like easy to follow, step-by-step instructions when trying to learn new software or piece of technology.

Marketing Lessons about YouTube

#1.  Corey Vidal – YouTube Sensation

  • Corey shot a Star Wars/Matrix inspired video around the halls of E.L. Crossley Secondary School while attending as a high school student in 2004.
  • Started making YouTube videos in 2006.  For 2 years, he did not make any money. YouTube was not offering advertisements at that time.
  • His first video was uploaded to YouTube because he wanted to share a video with a friend.  It got 500 views overnight and he was amazed.
  • YouTube started monetizing the site.  Made $4 his first month.  Finally got a check for $100 after several months.
  • One video went viral and he made $50,000.
  • YouTube splits the revenues from ads with video creators.
  • You have to make sure there is no copyright infringements.  You have to create everything in the video yourself.  If there is a song you didn’t create- even one second – YouTube will not allow you to have ads.
  • Last year (2014), Corey realized a lifetime dream by partnering with Lucas Films and filmed a trailer “Clash At The Cantina” at Lucas Studios in L.A to promote the upcoming Star Wars film.


#2 YouTube’s highest paid star unboxes Disney toys

Link to article


  • YouTube allows content creators to monetize their videos through their “YouTube Partner Program”
  • This means ads will play before or during a video.
  • Some of the top earners include Taylor Swift, EMI Music, and the WWE.
  • However, the person that makes the most money is a woman who makes videos of herself unboxing Disney toys.  ($4.9 million in 2014)

Example – Play Doh Sparkle Princess Video