Stack The States Geography App

Makes learning about the 50 states fun! Watch the states actually come to life in this colorful and dynamic game!

As you learn state capitals, shapes, geographic locations, flags and more, you can actually touch, move and drop the animated states anywhere on the screen. Carefully build a stack of states that reaches the checkered line to win each level.

You will need to download this paid app from or from Stack The States has been voted one of the best educational kids apps.

You earn a random state for every successfully completed level. All of your states appear on your own personalized map of the United States. Try to collect all 50! As you earn more states, you begin to unlock the four free bonus games: Map It, Pile Up, Puzzler and Capital Drop. Four games in one!

FLIPGRID – Where social learning happens!


• Every student has a voice
• Students use Flipgrid on mobile devices or a desktop equipped with microphone and camera
• Download the free Flipgrid iOS (iPad or iPhone) or Android Flipgrid app

There are many uses for Flipgrid including…
• Getting to know students (students will introduce themselves with a 90 second video)
• Students get to know each other
• Students learn from one another
• Respond to questions
• Provide feedback about a lesson, activity or book
• Teach the class about a topic
• Spark new discussion topics by “sparking” a student video
• Demonstrate a skill such as singing a song or playing a musical instrument
• Homework assignments

Prezi Presentation Tool – How to Use Create a Free Account

You have always been able to use Prezi for free with your students to create dynamic presentations. However, the last time I went to use Prezi with my classes, it took me a few minutes to find where students access this free option because there are now several paid versions. I have included step-by-step instructions and screenshots to help you quickly find it…

Go to
1. Click Get Started
2. Select Basic Version
3. Click Continue
4. Students will enter their information (or use Google to sign-up). My students used their Google accounts because they all have accounts through our school district.

Snapchat, Facebook & Instagram Investigation

• This resource contains information and videos about Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat
• Show the short video clips through the links on the slides
• Discuss the information students learned from the video or have students write/type the summary information on the slides
• Questions are included for students to analyze each company

The videos also describe how each company got started!


• Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat each provide a social experience on the web
• They are platforms that allow us to connect with our friends and family
• Each company looks for strategies to keep you on their platforms longer and so you will use them more often
• They even copy features used by their competitors
• Essentially, they compete over people’s time spent online
• For example, when people are using Snapchat, it means that they are potentially spending less of their time on Facebook or Instagram


These companies compete for your time. Predict what will happen in 10 years with these companies. Some questions to consider…
• Will Facebook continue to dominate?
• Will another social network enter the market?
• Who will have more users Instagram or Snapchat?

Facebook, Snapchat & Instagram Investigation