Sharing a Prezi to Google Classroom

Do you use the amazing Google Classroom platform?
Do you have your students use Prezi to create dynamic presentations?

If you answered no to these questions, I would suggest you start using both of these amazing tools.
If you answered yes to the above questions, take advantage of this free guide.

I recently had my classes create a Prezi and share to my Google Classroom.  I put together some step-by-step instructions to guide my students through this sharing process.   I am sharing those instructions below in case you plan to use Prezi this semester with your students.  I plan to have a link to a free download for you soon, so that you will have a copy to keep for future reference.  UPDATE: The link to this free guide has now been added below

  Click on the link below to download this free guide…

Prezi – Share to Google Classroom guide

MyStoryBook – Digital Storytelling Tool

Use to teach digital literacy and storytelling

This lesson includes screenshots and instruction bubbles to make it easy for teachers and students to quickly learn how to use MyStoryBook. It also includes 2 activities for students to perform using the features on this website.

How do we start using it?

If your students have email addresses, they can simply sign up and start using My Storybook right away. When they finish writing their story, students can choose to publish their story and share the link with their class!

If your students don’t all have email addresses, they currently recommend logging in to each computer or tablet with a single email address. You can make as many stories as you’d like and all your students’ stories will show up in your library under “My Books”.

What does it cost? is free to use. You can make unlimited number of stories, upload images, and share your stories for free. Lesson and Activity

Quizlet Study Tools

  • Quizlet provides free study tools for teachers and students
  • You can create your own study sets with the exact material you need to learn
  • Search for sets on your topic that have already been created by teachers and students
  • Quizlet users have created over 140 million sets covering everything from Spanish to US history
  • Easily create Quizlet classes to share material with students and track their progress

Free vs. Paid Options

  • Quizlet’s core tools are completely free to use
  • Students can upgrade to Quizlet Plus ($19.99 per year) to upload their own images, remove all ads and receive timely study reminders
  • Teachers can opt for Quizlet teacher ($34.99 per year) to upload images, record custom audio and provide an ad-free study experience and track class progress

New Team Drives within Google Drive

Team Drives is a new feature in Google Drive…

• Team Drives are work spaces with easier sharing rules to keep members on the same page
• Create a shared workspace where team members automatically have access to files and folders in the team drive
• Customize it to match your teams personality
• Many teachers use Google Docs to help students collaborate on group projects
• Use Team Drives for larger group projects where students may be working with several different Google Docs at the same time

TeacherThanks Activity

Over the last few days I have put together an activity for  It is now available as a free download on TpT…

TeacherThanks Activity


• Share positive stories about teachers in order to foster a supportive classroom community
• Examine and learn strategies teachers can incorporate in the classroom to make a positive impact on their students
• To demonstrate to students that you are open to new ideas
• Foster a discussion about positive teacher/student relationships


• Encourage students to take a few minutes to check out and leave a comment if they wish.
Note: If some students can’t think of someone or don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment, tell them that is perfectly fine but you would like them to spend a few minutes thinking about positive qualities good teachers possess.
• After 10 minutes, ask if there are any students who would feel comfortable sharing what they wrote.
• As a class, discuss what teachers can do to make a positive difference and/or be effective at their job.
• You may wish to develop a list of things students shared and let them know that you will try to do those things in the classroom.

Click on the link below to download this free activity…

TeacherThanks Activity

My new “Thank a Teacher” project…

I am excited to share a VERY NEW project my wife and I have roughly developed.  In case you are wondering…Yes, I am still going to continue building, updating and creating new content for TeachwithTech.  I love exploring and teaching about educational technology.  But I have an entrepreneurial spirit and teaching business and marketing really gets me jazzed about starting new things.  This new idea is very simple – provide a platform for students to share positive comments and stories about a teacher who has made a positive difference in their life.  The idea just came to me as I was watching my daughters dance class last week.

The domain was purchased from  It was a premium domain and frankly cost a lot of money but we felt that it was the perfect name for the concept.  Over the last few days, a lot of work has gone into the idea and we now have a website (which needs to be tweaked, tested and probably completed changed by the time we are finished).  The biggest challenge so far was creating a form for students to fill-in and then a searchable database to retrieve teacher comments.  In doing some research, I found as they offer software for creating such things.  This weekend, we are getting a designer to develop a logo for TeacherThanks.  In future blogs I plan to Keep you updated on new developments so stay tuned.  Here is the website in its raw form.  Sometime when you have an opportunity, I would really appreciate it if you would introduce it to your class.  Encourage your students to leave a comment for a teacher they have had in the past.

(remember this site needs work!!!) Please email me at with any suggestions or problems you encounter with the form or search.

Here is a video I put together for about TeacherThanks…