Do You Need a Capture Card? Here’s What We Think


With the invention of capture cards, gamers and streamers can make better videos. This has made the capture card very popular among streamers and gamers.

If you are new to the world of streaming or gaming, you might be wondering what the big deal is with having a capture card for live streaming or gaming.

What Is a Capture Card?

A capture card is a device used with a computer that captures on-screen content in form of video signals and converts them to digital signals by encoding them.

The on-screen content that was captured and converted is usually for purposes of playback in high-quality videos or a live stream. The digital data can now b uploaded on the internet.

The capture card is used by content creators or anyone that creates videos to capture and save their videos to be uploaded on the internet.

Capture cards are usually used with computers, cameras, game consoles as well. Video game streamers are popularly known to use capture cards more.

Capture cards are designed to record and stream your monitor in high quality. They are designed to do this job and not affect the performance of your computer.

The Pros of Having a Capture Card

Why should you get a capture card? What is the advantage of a capture card to you and your computer? The answers are not farfetched.

1. Streaming and Recording Quality

The video quality alone is enough reason to get a capture card. If you use free software, there is a chance that your video streaming quality might not be the best.

Free software might give you average quality, but with paid software, you are sure of the best video streaming quality for the purpose you need it.

You should be aware that when you run many software’s on your computer at the same time, the quality of the video is bound to be affected negatively.

2. A Flexible Gadget

The capture cards are for high-quality videos. Yet the gadget or device is flexible. Did you ask how? Well, it can also serve as a USB docking device.

You can call it a USB docking device too because other devices can be connected to it. Some capture cards have ports for your monitor and an HDMI port for gaming too.

It also has input and output ports for audio. So, you can connect a microphone and an earphone to your capture card if you need to make external commentary to your live broadcast.

3. Less PC Load

For people who have computers that are not very powerful and will be easy when there is a lot of load on it, the capture card will be very useful to you.

You can choose certain capture cards that are for high-quality capture to relieve your computer of the load. This can help you save some money as well.


Those are the reasons why you should get a capture card. You can save money on a more powerful computer by getting a capture card.

Capture cards are also quite useful when you need to do a voiceover as you make your video as some come with audio ports and even serve as a USB docking device.

Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis
JIMMY DAVIS is currently a Director at a large technology company, where he leads a team of engineers working on cutting-edge projects. JIMMY DAVIS is an expert in his field, and is always learning new things to keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape.

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