Peanut Roasting Machine: Working and Process


All seeds, nuts, Chinese medicinal herbs, and spices, including coffee beans, chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, sesame, soybeans, hazelnuts, and pine nuts, can be roasted using this small-scale peanut roasting machine.

Working Principle:

A peanut roasting machine is a box-style peanut processing machinery easily assemblable and demountable. It is separated into axial flow fan series and centrifugal fan series. Roasting machine uses steam and electricity as heat sources to heat a large volume of hot air and create a hot air circulation in the roasting chamber. Hot air is replenished from the air inlet into the chamber through fresh air and continuously discharged from the moisture exhaust discharge port. As a result, the moisture in the peanut roasting machine steadily decreases, and the heat transmission effect increases. The thermal efficiency is increased to 35 to 40% thanks to the closed circulation system, and it can reach a maximum of 70%.

The flow of the Peanut Roasting Line Process:

  • Cleaning, cooking, flavoring, primary and secondary drying, picking, and packaging of peanuts
  • The peanut roasting production line uses less energy, saves labor, and includes high-quality, reliable equipment.
  • The equipment used for roasting peanuts is distinct from that used for conventional baking. The spiced peanut roaster’s surrounding air is at ambient temperature and is not heated by the microwave. The food substance conducts the heat produced by the process.
  • The peanut roasting apparatus heats up quickly since the heat is produced inside the food. The peanuts don’t need to be heated through heat conduction.
  • Peanut roaster utilizes a significantly faster temperature rise throughout the production process than the conventional roasting processing method, reducing the overall production time and energy consumption.

Technical characteristics of equipment for roasting peanuts

  • stainless steel as a material
  • Three-phase, five-wire, 380V, 10% power supply
  • 30 KW of microwave power (adjustable)
  • Temperature for Roasting: 100 to 150 degrees (adjustable and controllable)
  • Time to Roast: 3 to 8 minutes (adjustable)
  • Transmission Speed: 0–5 m/min Transmission Belt Width: 750mm

Peanuts, milk peanuts, salted peanuts, spiced peanuts, etc., can all be roasted with this product.

The design and manufacturing of the equipment, as well as the uses and procedures for peanut roasting, vary. The size of the machinery can be altered to suit production. Please get in touch with us for the precise provision and complete equipment technical specifications and costs.

Benefits of peanut roasting machine:

This roasting machine is the most recent model of an extremely effective and energy-saving electric oven. Professional engineers design while considering years of production expertise, comparing domestic and foreign varieties of comparable products, and the overall benefits of each roasting machine.

The quality of roasted materials can satisfy import and export requirements and food safety regulations.This nut roaster also has several additional qualities, such as stability, quick temperature rise, low power consumption, low operating costs, long service life, and ease of maintenance.


The most modern version of an electric oven that is efficient is this roasting machine. Food safety rules and import/export restrictions can be satisfied by the quality of roasted materials. The stability, temperature rise, low running expenses, extended lifespan, and ease of maintenance are just a few other advantages of the nut roaster.

Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis
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