HMS Core 5.0 Services and Improvements


Recently, Huawei released its huawei hms 5.0. Developers from across the world can now access it. This latest release includes several developer kits that are meant to offer capabilities to come up with new features with Graphics, system categories, and Media. Ideally, it provides developers with everything they need to succeed.

HMS Core 5.0 Features

Audio Kit

The kit includes various audio capabilities from Huawei. Ideally, it provides you with audio playback, audio data, and audio effects that are based on the HMS ecosystem. It also includes decoding and encoding capabilities at the hardware level.

Image Kit

This kit includes powerful smart animation and design production functions into the app. As a result, this provides you efficient image reproduction and better image editing for users. For instance, it offers several advanced animation effects and color filters. The image kit is designed to support different animations and their combinations.

Video Kit

The video kit offers smoother HD playback that is bolstered with various control options. As a result, it makes your app more appealing and better. With this kit, you can host your video and edit it into the latest versions. Therefore, you can use it to build various video features that provide superior video experience to the app users.

Accelerate Kit

This kit provides acceleration capability that improves the execution of different threads. You will find it in the OS, and developers can access it through APIs. To make the system better, programs that execute multiple tasks at the same time are recommended. This kit provides a multi-thread program method and multi-thread library. It does help free you from management tasks so you can pay attention to create apps.

Computer Graphics Kit

This kit is meant to help the adoption of the CG in your apps. Developers creating gaming and motion picture apps can benefit from this kit and can use it to create innovative and richer content. It is now possible for developers to real materials accurately in their mobile games.

AR Engine

This provides different AR-related capabilities that include the environment, motion, face tracking, and human body for the developers to create immersive and interactive AR experiences.

Scene Kit

This kit functions as a lightweight rendering engine, which features low consumption and high performance. It offers advanced descriptive APIs to edit, render, and operate 3D materials. You will find it applicable to different scenarios that require image rendering as the case with shopping, social networking, design, and education.


This kit offers apps high output, low latency, reliable, and secure communication capabilities. It does support both iQUIC, Cronet protocols, and gQUIC protocols that help avoid congestions in various network environments. This offers your apps quick connection, higher throughput, and reduced packet loss.

A lot of improvements have been made to different services in HMS Core. For instance, location services support fence management capabilities and crowd-sourcing. The health app has data that includes sleep data, blood, weight data, blood pressure, glucose, and count data.

The dynamic tag manager adds visual events to your apps. You can even integrate social media platforms for your apps and analytics.

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Jimmy Davis
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