Different Ways to Power Your Camcorder


No matter the digital camera or camcorder you have, it requires power to function. Moreover, you may want to add some accessories that can improve its performance. Some of the accessories you need include wireless transmitters, on-camera monitors, lens lights, and more. When choosing a battery for the camcorder, you have to consider different factors such as price and brand.

Regular Camcorder Batteries

When you work with a camcorder, the best type of battery you can use is its specific model battery. However, this may leave you to seek other power sources for the accessories. There are some accessories that can use the same battery as what your camera uses. For instance, some of the batteries include D-Tap output or coaxial output.

Such batteries can be sourced from third-party manufacturers. Remember that camcorder companies can put chips in the battery so that it is compatible with the camera. Thus, if the battery does not have the chip, then it cannot work with the camcorder. Fortunately, third-party manufacturers have the capability to add the chips, and this is no longer a problem.

Battery Replacement

This is definitely what your camcorder manufacturer recommends. That is because the manufacturer wants you to only use their cameras and accessories. Although replacement batteries are good, you have a reason to be concerned, especially when trying a new brand. Remember that replacement camcorder batteries need power-regulating cables. Some even have additional smaller batteries to allow the camcorder to run for a longer period.

Professional Batteries

You can also go for a professional battery when using your camcorder. This does not mean you cannot use OEM batteries for professional applications. In this case, a battery is considered to be professional if it has a large capacity. Some of these batteries feature a power port, and some support USB power ports.

Battery Mounts

Ideally, you have two types of battery mounts when choosing a battery for your camcorder. These are V-mount and Gold-mount. You should note that the gold-mount is the most popular, and it is an advanced system of the mounting system. Sometimes the camera can come with its mounting system. Moreover, you can use adapter plates to mount plate your camcorder battery.

Distribution Boxes

The truth is that distribution boxes are quite popular when it comes to powering the camcorder. That is because they can serve other functions. They differ from battery plates since they offer different outputs for certain plates. The good thing about using the distribution box is that you can power your camcorder and accessories with a single unit rather than using multiple batteries for different accessories.

Before choosing a battery system for your camcorder, ensure you determine how the different options can change your shooting needs. For instance, you should determine whether you should use multiple batteries or a single one. Also, you will need to determine how your accessory and power needs change. No matter the path you use to power your accessories and camera, these tips will help you get it right. Also, you should not hesitate to try different power solutions to suit your needs.

Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis
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