FIFA 21 coins and how to purchase them


FIFA 21 coins are a virtual currency that can be used for purchasing packs in the store and for trading FIFA Ultimate Team items and buying cards in the transfer market. FIFA 21 Coins can also be used to pay for game mode entries such as FIFA Ultimate Team Draft mode.

Earning FIFA 21 Coins

Coins can be achieved on the FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA mobile using the under listed means;

  • Receiving coins as a gift
  • Selling items on the market
  • Selling items using the quick sell option
  • Playing matches

FIFA 21 Coins Rate and Value

The real money value of the coins is not fixed. However, if weighed on the official page, one FIFA coin is approximately around $0.0002. This means $1 is almost equal to 5000 FIFA coins.

On, the coins’ price and value are fixed by the traders and comes in this format: “10 K FIFA 21 PC Player Trade coins- 118.57 USD”. On average, $1 is typically worth 85 FIFA 21 coins. The coins come in packs of 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K.

How to Buy FIFA 21 Coins

Using, an online trading platform founded in 2006, trading of PS4, Switch, PS5, XBOX ONE and PC gaming goods, Accounts, and CDKEYS with money offer between players are now possible. This platform is best for marketing gaming products and offers 100% payment security to buy and sell FIFA 21 coins and other goods like WOW Gold, Dofus Kamas, etc.

Delivery of FIFA 21 coins upon payment

Two methods are available for the transfer of FIFA 21 coins after purchase including:

Safe Trade:This is the fastest and most secure way to transfer coins without attracting transaction fees. All you need to do is click the link sent to your email, and you would earn the corresponding amount of coins.

Information: Do NOT log into your original account, which is used to receive FIFA coins when your order is loading. It’s advised that you quickly change your login details as soon as you get your coins in the wallet.

Player Trade: In this deal, you can be assured that the platform will buy the players you put up for sale. Within few seconds after the auction trade, you will get FIFA coins. The downside to this is the 5% transaction charge in the auction trade you need to bear.

Why Choose IGVault?

  • Convenient worry-free trading:The process of purchasing your coins is stress free on this platform.
  • Cheapest Prices: The IGVault stores offer the lowest prices on the market for FIFA 21 coins.
  • Safe and Secure Payments:More than 2o secure payment methods are used by IGVAult servers, including PaySafeCard, Skrill, etc. The 100% secure payment online can ensure buyer protection while enjoying world-class service. IGVault has a certified team that ensures all trades are completed safely, and your information on buying FIFA 21 coins is kept safe.
  • Guaranteed Refunds:Cancellation of orders and Full Refunds are guaranteed as long as the refund requests are sent before the delivery. No questions were asked.

Final Thought

Fifa 21 is a game that’s packed with so many exciting features. However, you do need fifa 21 coins in to enjoy some of these features.

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