Here’s why Fido is the answer to security for a long time


For years, we have ruled by passwords and more passwords. As hackers came along, we have had to write even more complex passwords. For most people, they no longer even remember these passwords. They simply reset it when they need it. However, Fido might be able to solve this problem once and for all.

The Fast Identity online concept is taking a full swing and for good reasons too. It provides a solid foundation for app developers to build some of the best apps in the world. For example, the Huawei Fido is simply one of the best versions out there right now. You should have a look if you can.

In this article, we’ll take a brief look at how Fido technology is set to change the security of the world as we know it.

Fido Is the Answer Everyone Has Been Looking For

Here are some reasons why you should trust the Huawei Fido when it comes to security.

No Need for Passwords

So this is one of its primary reasons why we love the Fido- they eliminate the need for passwords. It’s a known fact that more than 70% of all data breaches in the world today is because of a need to set a password.

With the Huawei Fido, this is eliminated completed. It mostly uses biometric data to get users in and out of their accounts. This means that users can access their accounts from anywhere in the world. That’s an incredible benefit if you ask me.

More and more accounts are created every day

To help us understand why this is a problem, we need to look at the number of accounts a single individual has. The number of accounts used by a single user of the internet is estimated to be at 90. More than four billion people are using the internet daily. Do the math. There’s clearly the need to protect people better.

This is what the Huawei Fido clearly seeks to achieve. The best part is that it plans to do this without even using a password!

Talking about passwords.

It a never-ending cycle of passwords

It’s all interlinked. With the more accounts that are created, the more passwords will have to be created. At some point, users are definitely going to repeat those passwords. This creates more implications.

If one of those accounts is ever hacked, it means that the hacker might be able to access all other accounts with some luck. This can lead to a much bigger problem moving forward.

Passwords are the killers of a database. With the Huawei Fido, everything is simply going to be a thing of the past.

Final Thoughts

The Huawei Fido is simply the future regardless of how you look at it. Every company out there has embraced it or is on the verge of doing so. Huawei Fido is a good way to begin your own journey. It’s never late to start.

All you need to do is make the right call. That shouldn’t be too hard.

Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis
JIMMY DAVIS is currently a Director at a large technology company, where he leads a team of engineers working on cutting-edge projects. JIMMY DAVIS is an expert in his field, and is always learning new things to keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape.

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